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credit class and gift voucher 5.18


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I have installed the credit class and gift voucher 5.18 . i'm not a newbie at oscommerce .

Everything it seems to work fine , except discount coupons .

I spend a lot of hours here searching the forum to see what i 'm doing wrong .

The gift vouchers are working fine , but the discount cupons not .

I have a discount coupon for test , when someone buys over 30 Euros , i give him a discount of 5% . But when i go the checkout i don't see anything .

Please can anyone help me of how it works ?

I remind you the version 5.18

Thank you in advance

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you have to give them the discount code. post it on the site, use it in a promotional way or something. its usually used for promotional things like, "15% off all pants" or "10% off entire store one day only!" etc. you could put something on your homepage that says what the discount is then "use code XYZ at checkout"


if you want an automatic one, where they dont have to enter any code, there may be other contribs for that. i use one for free shipping automatically over a certain purchase amount.

What? Yeah, I can do that.

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the question is , if the customer gets automatically the discount , or i have to send him a gift voucher ? and if it is working like this , which is the purpose f discount coupon ?

Think of it in terms of say, grocery coupons or something... You have to physically have the coupon in order for them to discount the item (or in this case, the order), not everyone gets it automatically, otherwise it would just be a regular old sale, which you can do with the Specials page if that's what you wanted... In addition to Brooke's idea of posting it on the site, you could use something like this to help you track your pay per click ads if you run any... Create say, 10 different coupon codes all for the same amount, and write up various ads to place wherever you do pay per click advertising, or write up identical ads, but under different keywords, and make sure you use a different coupon code in each ad... Then just see which coupon codes are used the most often, and you'll know either which ad copies are the most effective, or which keywords are more successful for your customers' search patterns...



Richard Lindsey

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