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help needed with a bit of basic PHP


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Not sure if I am going to be able to explain this :)


I have installed the admin only notes contribution and it works fine on the order page.


I am trying to also get it to work on the order list page ( orders,php ) and have installed it in a column and cell at the end of the orders table.


It works.... sort of. I can make a comment on either page and it reflects to the other one so it is being saved to the database ok.


The problem i have is that any comment made on the active order ( the selected one ) also shows on all the other rows of the table relating to other orders. If I change the selected order then all the comments change to the ones related to that one.


the problem seems obvious, all the rows are collecting information related to a specific order until you get to the column or cell I added then it relates to all orders in the table. It needs an order ID somewhere..... but it cannot be as simple as that because any comment made only goes into the database relating to the correct order.


does that make any sence ? how do I make the comments show only the one related to that row in the table ?

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