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Data corruption redux - users not added!


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We hoped the numbers got out of hand, set sessions to mysql and removed customer info from the database to start at 0.


The problem seems to be that somehow, a user will not get a full account, but their address/cc information will be added to the addressbook.


User A has full account, and purchases an order.

User B purchases an item; order contains correct bill/ship addresses, but User B's order is linked to User A, who receieves the email and (deservedly) freaks out. User B's addresses show up in User A's addressbook.


If somebody could point me in the right direction (which parts of the code would contain this problem), it would be much appreciated. This is going on in a live store, so we're obviously a bit frustrated.



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More info:


'sessions' table was deleted. There are only about 20 sessions registered in the site currently. This did not solve the problem.


'cache' was set to true. I disabled it; remains to be seen whether or not this solved the problem.


The window between 'bad' and 'good' orders seems to max out at about 3 hours. I'll have to do some raw log analysis to find out if, perhaps, a session was created and then hijacked.



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