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ppc's vs seo


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I have done alot of my own SEO but most recently have not updated this.

I also pay google (450.00), superpages.com(350.00), and citysearch (175.00) in fairly qualified PPC's but find when I get an order I really don't have a way to track exactly where this order came from.


I have software which tells me where my new visitors come from but short of spending hours trying to track down every single IP address on each order I haven't been able to say for sure which avenue is making or wasting my money.


Can I ask what any of you are having success in PPC's and which company or saving the money and just doing SEO (yourself or paying a SEO)


Also does anyone know of a good software program that can actually track where an ip (customer) came from????


I feel sometimes like I am wasting my money with PPC companies but when I cut one out at a time I always feel a slump. Then again when I dump more money into them I don't necessarily see much increase in sales either.


Helppp! :'(

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Its no secret that ppc is second best to seo, seo is easy and will pay off in the long run.


I find spending money on good links IE yahoo directory, msn directory and others, then getting listed in the dmoz directory and other free ones out way any ppc campaign.


Then you need to think about content and not just a little but a lot, if you are not very good at that kind of thing search for a copy writer to do the work for you, add good content to the product you are selling and then write an article about that product with other keywords and link it to that product, then submit it to articles directories again the more articles you write and submit the better.


I spent a lot of money on adsense, overture, shopzilla and so on just to find out that it can not bet a good seo strategy.


The bad thing about seo is its not an overnight thing, just keep getting links and adding content and you will slowly start seeing good results.


Good Luck

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I spend a lot of time looking for products via the web and i never use or even heard of superpages, citysearch and i have also never used any other shopping directory to find what im looking for i just search Google and about 95% of the time i don't click on the AdSense ads, and im sure that goes for many other searchers, so whats the point of shopping directories other to make money them well off ?.

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