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The e-commerce.

Site is online and installed - however some pages aren't displaying properly, and 2 other issues...


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Ok, hi guys. I didn't know what support forum to post this in, but it's pretty urgent, so I went with both! Hope that's ok.


I have a couple of problems with my site, which is at the following address;




I'm not too worried about taking care of the warning at the top until the site is finished. But here's my problem.


Pages not displaying correctly (at all!):


-My Account


-The registration CONFIRMATION page, right after you register

-The login CONFIRMATION page, right after you login


I'm assuming this might have something to do with the site being on a windows server? And I'm hoping if that's the case that it may be a case of just correcting a little syntax, and you guys can point me in the right way hopefully.


That's my main concern really. Aside from that I had two side points.


I wanted to set the site up so that users must have accounts activated by an administator. All seems simple enough (cut/paste of code) apart from the following;


"create new column in table Customers.

ALTER TABLE customers ADD customers_status int(1) NOT NULL default '0';"


Is there a way I can accomplish this *without* phpmyadmin? It's not installed on the server and I had trouble trying to install it.


Finally, I was just wondering how I can set up shipping so that users making an order of under £75 will be charged an inflated flat rate.


Thanks for anyone who can provide me some help with this, we were hoping to send the site live next week.

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