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The e-commerce.

need catagories in cart


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in my test shop i have numerous products that with their title alone would look the same - ie tulip, orchid etc but are in different catagories - ie plastic, metal, resin etc.


is there any way of having the products catagory adding to the cart to make identifying the item more easy?


i have had a good scan of the forum with no luck - pls keep in mind im only an OSC novice. : )


many thanks


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you have to make quite few mods to the shopping cart to maintain the categories name along with the product info. Basically you need to enhance the shopping cart class (catalog\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php) and then also modify the catalog\shopping_cart.php file to display this extra info. (And the shopping cart box file).


Maybe it can be simplified a bit because you have the products_id so you may get away without touching the cart class file.


Haven't seen a contribution about it but check just in case.

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