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The e-commerce.

I need a little guidance


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I wish to use only portions of osc. I want to have my own website with normal links and one of those links will say somehting like audio products. When that is clicked it will open a page that looks identicle to the rest of the site ie has same nav bar but shows all products in store for audio. Have any ideas. It just seams like you have to either have the clients go to the store through a store link or go directly to the store and link to alternate pages from inside the store. i just want: Click on audio products then brings up audio inventory etc.


Thanks in advance



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I would try using something like STS (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1524) to make a template that just shows your OSC store main area (ie: no columns, header, footer etc). You can then display the store page in an IFRAME on your main site - keeping all your nav bars, headers etc


You would have to work out the links that would show all, for example, Audio products for example:


http://www.mysite.com/catalog/index.php?cP...1&osCsid=84 - the audio category would be #84 in this case


You would have to click on each category and cut/paste the URL before you remove the OSC category bar - although the category ID would be displayed in the URL in Admin so it wouldn't be too difficult to find it.

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