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Adding Flash Video To Product Pages


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I am trying to add streaming flash video to my product pages. I have a flash media hosting at www.influxis.com but I can't for the life of me add the video (via wysiwyg) to my product pages.


Has anyone been successful with streaming flash video?


Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks, Mike

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Flash is going out and has no meta tag.


If Flash is going out, why is almost every video site on the internet now using it (youtube, myspace, metacafe) as well as most online advertising?


It should also be noted that many of the major search engines can now search flash files for content, and index them accordingly.


mikehrp is talking about putting videos on his site, not replacing the whole site with Flash anyway. Therefore the meta data can still be included in the HTML page on which the Flash is embeded. (As a side note you should also be aware that meta data is decreasing in weight with the search engines).


In my opinion, Flash is far from dead.

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As far as the original question goes, I don't have much Flash Media Server experience, so the following may be way off, but...


Rather than pasting the code into the wysisyg editor, could you add a field to the product screen that allows you to specify the video file location (just like you currently do with images). You would also have to drop the video code into the product_info.php page in the catalog, with the location of the video being pulled from the db.


Ok, that's probably way off. As I say I haven't done it. Just a suggestion.

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