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The e-commerce.

kind of an odd request


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I have spent the last 4 days searching these forums for an answer with no success. I have found quite a few questions similar to mine, but no answer was given. Some of these were dated back as far as 2004.


So here is my question.


on my clients server I have another db table for customers, I'm sorry but I can't go into details as to the breakdown of the site structure do to proprietary rights by the client. I can say though that this second db table is used for my clients requesting customers, they voluntarily give the information to my client for his paying customers, and the customers for the actual storefront, purchase this information.


What I need to do is the following:


paying customer sees brief description of the clients info, minus personal info. (i.e. phone number, address etc..)


I need to set the osCommerce install to pull the personal info from the second db table after the paying customer has purchased it. I would like to have a link show up that pulls all this info down from the db in the checkout_success.php page. Here is what i need to know,


can it be done?

if so how can I do it?


I'm not overly familiar with the coding process used in osCommerce so I would need an actual step by step code process to complete this if it can be done. This is the only thing that is keeping me from saying the site is completely done to my client.



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You're well outside the osC box on that one. It would require custom coding to do it (and a fair amount) and I'm not so sure you'll get much of step by step here ( I know you won't actually).


Your best bet is to find a developer and pay them or dev the functionality you require from scratch.




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