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The e-commerce.

Thank you OSCommerce


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I want to take an opportunity to thank the whole OSCommerce team including all of you who've made contributions to this great open source project. Not knowing much about on-line store I was able to make a great store for my wife http://www.ddkyarns.com (comments would be appreciated).


In the few days since it's been up and running we had high end people in the yarn business compliment us on how it looks and acts. Kudos to all of you and I look forward to using this more and more.



Steve Lewis

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Great site!


I think that you could drop your category counts - I think that these counts slow down the site, and in your case they suggest that you have many fewer items than you really have.


Your item displays are great - you show one product, like Denim Silk, and then present color choices on the product info page (how do you do this?). It took me a while to catch on to the way that it worked - I think that if you change your description above the item choices to something like: "Please click on a color sample below to view and order the color" what is going on would be more apparent than "Click below for these other colors"


And on the same info page, maybe "Due to the differences in monitor settings, the actual product color may vary from the color that is shown on your monitor." might be cleaner than the text that you have displayed.


Within product descriptions, you have some inconsistencies in styles - on the Denim Silk page, you show one item in "FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #993300; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma", and another in <strong><font face="Tahoma" color="#971800" size="2">. And for some reason the word Gauge shows up in a different style that the other Item Details.


You should probably add a header tags contribution and a thumbnail contribution - some of the images seem to be thumbnails, and some don't - like the category display images.


I don't think that you really gain anything by showing the date that the product was added.


Clearly display your methods of payment so that potential customers don't have to go through the purchase process to find out how to pay for the stuff.


You have a very nice, clean and innovative site. Good luck.



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Forgetting that the site is relatively stock i would add the following: -


41 errors when checked at W3C


A single image is 18k e.g. CategoryPictureAngora.jpg a pic like this should be nearer 3-5k. Load time will be horrific on dial up.


Visually too much white space around the "categories" header.


Viewing source shows: -

<meta name="keywords" content="">
<meta name="description" content="This fine wool is from our ever expanding selection. Try others from the , line of Wool">


The title is not enough by way of description and the keywords are vacant (you need a meta contribution).


Get rid of the category counts in admin (resource hog)


I could go on for ages but this will do to start.

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Again, keeping the stock issue to the side I like the work done in the product info pages but also I think the shipping and returns layout is very well done.


On the whole it needs more work done it: fixed width & change of stylesheet colours are almost a must.


Good Luck

Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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