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The e-commerce.

help please


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hi can someone tell me where the login name and password can be found on my shop files i cant rember my login for the admin part of my shop anyone will be great

If it's a contribution that controls admin access, so you get a login page, then the login name will be stored in the database in your admin table most likely, along with the password, but the password is encrypted with a one-way MD5 hash, so you won't be able to figure out what it was by looking at it, and there's no way to unencrypt it... But, if you find the entry you want, you can just use the admin_email_address and admin_firstname to try the Forgotten Password option at the login screen, and it should randomly generate a new one for you... If this is an htaccess method of protection, where it pops up a window at you with a prompt for a name and password, then you'll need to delete and recreate your htpasswd file, or have your web provider do it for you...



Richard Lindsey

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