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Bean Boy

Advice on How to sort 3rd party cart tracking once and for all

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I have spent the last few hours (3 maybe 4) reading through all the posts here. (Phew!) So, forgive me if the answer is already here, I have tried...


I have a standard OSC store with contribs:- Chemo SEO Friendly, discount coupon, header tags controller, Nochex APC, google analytics, visitor stats, and articles mod. All installed and all working except...


Google Analytics loses the visitor trail between first arrival and checkout success.


So what I get is stats on visitors, referrer etc, but not on source of visitors who purchased.


I get stats on ecommerce purchases, and payment source i.e nochex. but no full trail from for example... purchased one widget from source: Google keyword search "buy widgets" .


I'm sure this is because I use a 3rd party shopping cart hosted on a different domain and because the tracking does not pass the original visitor referring URL (exmple: the initial visit set up an account - for example) to the sale.


After reading the google instructions,




I need either to add this text...


<script type="text/javascript">

document.write('<a href="java script:__utmLinker(\'https://www.securecart.com/?store=parameters\');">Purchase Now</a>');



<a href="https://www.securecart.com/?store=parameters">Purchase Now</a>



or if forms


<form action="http://newdomain.com/form.cgi" onSubmit="java script:__utmLinkPost(this)">


So the question is - to anyone who has successfully got this running with nochex.. what do I have to do and where do I have to do it (Which .php file and where). I think it's on the document which the confirm order button uses but I don't know how to even find the code for this process.


Many thanks in advance


Bean Boy

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