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The e-commerce.

Configurantion problem


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I urgently need help!

I bought a template and was customizing some details when I noticed that "write a review" wouldn't work. I then recurred to the general support forum. You may see the posts here:



It happens that I was recommended to fill the blanks in my configure.php files and so I tried to do it out of the blue. Result: shop disappeared giving place to an error. I then undid everything and uploaded the "old files" but the store is still not showing up, now saying: "Unable to connect to database server!"

Here it is: http://www.os3porquinhos.com/bancada/


On the other post they told me to read a manual but my instalation was done through my cpanel automatically. I didn't went through it as it was done for me.


Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?


Many thanks:


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At the top of the forum pages is a menu. Click on Solutions >> Downloads.


Download "osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 060817" to your local hard drive. Unzip it. On the same level as /catalog/ is a PDF called Documentation. Read that please. Just because osc was installed for you through your cpanel doesn't mean there isn't documentation you need to read :)


You can also access online documentation here:



"Visualise" the osc structure of directories here:



There are a few places you must learn to work:


1. Code: Read through code on a page you're editing. It will eventually make sense.


2. Editing files either through yoursite.com/Admin, or editing files locally (with TextPad or editor of choice) and FTP'ing edited files to your server.


3. phpmyadmin, where you will run certain data base queries if a contribution or osc update calls for that.


4. Backing up your data base (often).


5. Backing up (downloading) your entire site to your local drive (often) before you make major changes.


Your hosting company may have to help you "fill in the blanks" in your configure.php files. This is where you need to begin. We have all been new at some point.



It's all just ones and zeros....

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Ok, I'm doing everything from scratch, reading the instructions, etc, etc.


Now: STUCK on step one!!!!

When I open my browser and type http://your_site/catalog/install/ (which in my case is http://www.os3porquinhos.com/catalog/install/) I get... well, nothing... blank, error page or whatever you call it.


I'm feeling dumb... What can be wrong??? I already uploaded the catalog to the root of my server.


PLease..... any hints?



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