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EV SSL certificates


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I was hoping someone was familar with how to make the pages within osCommerce secure which gather and display customer information using an EV (Extended Validation) certificate as per http://www.verisign.com.au/ssl/ssl-high-assurance.shtml (or even just a normal SSL certificate but I expect the process would be virtually identical).


Is it a matter of installing the certificate on the server and then just encoding all links to the pages which we want to be secure as starting with https:// at which time a handshake is done with the server to verify the page against the certificate?


The questions are (1) what pages are required to be secure for customer info (2) how do we encode them to be https:// if URLs are dynamically created?


Many thanks,


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You just need to install the certificate on the server and then change the settings in the configure file to use it. The oscommerce code is already setup to protect the appropriate pages.


By the way, I wouldn't recommend purchasing a high-assurance certificate. They are a complete waste of money in my opinion. Buy a $20 one fro godaddy or a $15 Rapid SSL from various sites on the web and you will have all of the protection you need.



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Thanks a lot Jack.


Are you able to tell me what you get technically-wise for the vast difference in price? Is the $20 certificate for shared hosting and therefore 'less secure' in a sense? We would like to be able to use the Verisign logo on our site to denote that it is secure. I realise the EV SSL displays the URL in green in the browser address bar to denote a secure and identifiable site. Is there another SSL that works the same way for less cash i.e. US$4,000.


Best regards,


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I am comparing https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/ssl/ssl.asp with http://www.verisign.com.au/ssl/certificates.shtml and wondering about the difference in price if there is something I am missing in relation to security level aside from business branding affecting price.


Turbo SSL sounds good but will that be sufficient security?




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The differences doesn't have anything to do with the security of the ssl certificate. That part is the same (literally it is the same).


The first difference is the amount of insurance coverage if your cert gets cracked (this has to be proven). The second is, you get a different logo that says "Secure Site" (or whatever).


If you are a small business I would recommend the cheapest ssl you can find. If you hit the "big time" then maybe I would think about get a verisign (maybe).

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