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Menu loses links, images when in https mode - HELP


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I actually have two questions, both of which are causing me to pull my hair out.


First is the menu issue. I use MenuMachine to create my nav menus for web sites. For those of you who are not familiar with it, its a great WYSIWYG 3rd party plug-in for Adobe GoLive. My problem is that when you navigate to a secure page, the menu loses its link to its support files. I can switch the menus' support files to have absolute URLs, adding the "https" into the header.php file but then they lose their links when you're in non-secure mode (http). My question is, is there a way to have the menu show correctly in both modes? I would really like to use the menu because it is used on the "regular", non-catalog portion of the site. I just don't want to throw the customers off or scare them away when they get the "this page contains secure and non secure items" message. By the way, I only have issues with the menu when viewing the page in Internet Explorer on Windows machines. FireFox renders is perfectly, although the lock icon has a line through it. On a Mac, the menu on both secure and non secure pages, renders fine but have the same lock icon with the line though it.


Please keep in mind that I'm no scripting genius, just a designer. ;) This is my first osC site. I feel like I've done pretty well so far by feeling my way around, utilizing this forum, etc. Especially for not using a template!


The next issue is rather small, but its bugging me. When you view the catalog in Internet Explorer, there is a large gap between the head and the body. Its not suppose to be that way. The body is suppose to fall right below the header. I can't for the life of my figure out what is causing that. The pages, yet AGAIN, render perfectly, in FireFox (both Windows and Mac) and in Safari and Camino on a Mac.


You can view the catalog here.


Any help that you can lend is greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in advance,


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Alright so I've fixed the whole menu issue. That is working fine now and I don't get any security messages.


So, anyone have any idea about the gap between my header and body area???? I've checked header.php, index.php, and conditions.php for extra tables and don't seem to find any. I've also checked the style sheet for extra padding and margins with no luck there either. Again, the gap only appears in IE. Looks fine in the rest.


Any thoughts or am I just talking to myself??

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