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The e-commerce.

Serious problem with or Databse or the Core


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Our shop has grown over the years. Atm we get a bunch of order a day. Our site was being hosted on a normal hosting pack. After the whole server began to get slow, we wanted our own dedicated server. Till then everything was fine and good. After we got on the dedicated server we had some trouble, because the old server was working with:


Enzimo control panel and an Database PHPmyadmin version 3.xx


Our Dedicated server works with "Direct Admin".

And an new version of Database PHPmyadmin 4.11


We now have some problems i cant solve on mine own. Some (many) customers claims they get no order confirmation email. I've tried it mineself,...i placed like 5 or 6 orders and it worked all fine. But once i got the emails after 4 minutes instead of immidiatly...also mine college tells me he did NOT get an order email himself in he's outlook. I've double checked everything but in the admin it seems all fine and good configured.


Our other shop on the other-hand begins to get the same problem. It's been installed the same exact way. Copy'd many files to both systems, and are look a like. There are less customers atm but it seems more orders, more cusustomers begins to claim the same problem as the other website.


Mine conclusion:

01. The oscommerce core can't handle the pressure


02. The Databse is not good.


03. The OScommerce system is not 100% compatibl with the Databse version en script.


or 04. There are some fies for me to check on or change.



What is best to do to seek what the problem is.

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Sounds like an intermittent problem. Those are the worst to track down.

Could it be that the mail server has also changed when you upgraded?


Could you be having issues with the php upgrade from version 3.xx to 4.11?

Code that worked flawlessly suddenly breaks when the server host does a php upgrade.


Have you've checked the database itself to be sure it is collecting customers email addresses?

Maybe your catalog/checkout_process.php or your catalog/create_account.php needs to be updated?


And here's a thought. Has your website been hit with a lot of returned emails that a spammer has sneakily directed to your site? It could be that your IP address has been blocked by some segments of the internet.


One time I had a long time, reputable, friend try to email me. None ever came through to me.

They went through her ISP, and my ISP was set up to give me all my emails.


It turned out that my ISP contracted broadband use from ATT. The block was set in place by ATT. Why ATT, as the middle man, decided to block her messages from me, I'll never know.


If everything checks out on your end, you might want to ask your web host company about your email problems.


Good luck and please report back here if you find a solution.

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