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Hi, let me get straight to the point.


I'm working on a webpage which is going to use osCommerce 2.2-ms2 as it's webshop, I've considered Joomla w/Virtue Mart aswell, but since I've already started marketing for the osC it's concluded that I'll develop osC to become more stable instead.


That said; I've run into some problems. There seems to be some very unstructured programming in these php files. I'm used to putting all logical operations at the beginning of the document and use the variables further down. In this application it's all 'mushed' together. This makes the code very hard to read, at least for me.


About the store:

Shoeselling. Found at http://www.jeloysko.no


If possible; I would like to get some answering to the following questions about the application:

  • Firstly, if I were to add another attribute (shoesize) to the cart, how would I do that? I've made a few changes to the current database (max_shoe_size, min_shoe_size, size_interval in products_description and shoesize in costumers_basket) To make it short, I can't figure out where to get the $shoesize I've set in the form on the product_info.php. Since $HTTP_POST_VARS['shoesize'] obviously doesn't work I don't get any input variable to the database or session array or global array or wherever it's stored.
  • Secondly, is there any documentation on osC? Like MS Visio drawings of all classes or dbDesigner4 xml's of the database or something like that? Would really help me to figure out where to write and what to change.

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