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Use SPF DNS records to prevent spam spoofing


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I recently started receiving numerous "bounce-back" messages about undeliverable spam. It turns out a spammer was spoofing our domain name for sending his spam.


Our hosting company confirmed that the spam was not originating through our mail servers because it was from a non-valid user account. That is, the spammer had made up a username for sending the spam.


Our hosting company suggested setting up a SPF MX & A records with our DNS entries. These records are used by many large hosting and ISP's to verify email. These records identify the mail servers that the mail should be originating from. When the spammer uses another relay then the spam is rejected.


If we legitimately used another mail server then we could also add it to the DNS.


This should help, but it won't prevent the spam if the receiving company does not validate SPF records. Hopefully, spammers will check and see we have SPF records and stop spoofing our domain name.

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