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Help Debugging IE6 Layout


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could someone please look at my site in IE6 and tell me if the red box at the top (titled "please ignore this") is contained within the window, or whether it stretches far offscreen to the right, and if the content of the box is visible (content says "please ignore...Lorem ipsum..."). same goes for the next two boxes, Latest Articles and New Products for January


site is http://www.thebestdrums.com


this is a problem that i only noticed when visiting relatives (who have PCs) and i'm having a heck of a time debugging it because i'm a mac guy and all my friends have upgraded to IE7 (everything is fine on FF or IE7, problem is specific to IE6). i think i've fixed it, but can't tell since i can't re-create the problem.




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This is how your site looks in IE6 at 1024x768



it fits within the screen

thanks a bunch, scorpion cart!


could you take a quick second look at it? as i just switched the original sticky that was giving me problems back on (so the content of the red box should be differnt now).


thanks again for the help


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Now the page goes way over to the right :thumbsup:

insane! i can't for the life of me figure out why. at least i know that it's unique to that little bit of text


the culprit has to be in here (the only thing different):

<img src="images/wreath.gif"  class="lhs" alt="Christmas Wreath" title=" Wreath " width="150" height="157"><h3>We'll be closed from  Dec 16th until  Jan 1st.</h3><p>You can continue to shop at the website, and  even place orders, but no orders will be processed, no cards charged, and no orders shipped until January 1, 2007.<p>It's been a great  year,  and I hope you  have a happy holiday season full of love, family and fun.  And lots  of drumming!<p>Peace.<br>R.J.


or the associated class constructor:

.lhs {float: left; margin: 0.5em 0.5em 0 1.5%; border: 2px solid #993300; }


but i'm stumped why. the .lhs woks fine elsewhere


the only other thing i can think of is maybe IE6 is getting confused about xml/html since i recently figured out that my doctype tag at the beginning was invalid (needed to be all caps), and i've found a few stray xml closing tags (coming from Newsdesk and Header Tags). i've since fixed those.


or maybe its something i don't understand regarding inline/block elements and the <img> needs to go after the <h3>tag




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