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Password protection .htaccess method


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Hi, struggling with password protection on admin folder. I don't have the option of a control panel that will let me set the password protection on the admin folder, so am having to do this the .htaccess and . htpasswd style.


I posted a query yesterday but no replies, but maybe I phrased it badly - so here goes again.


What I'm really trying to get to work is the override in the .htaccess folder.


My code in this folder is:


AuthUserFile /.htpasswd

AuthName "Enter Password"

AuthType Basic


require valid-user


<Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs">

AllowOverride Limit



I've getting the error message:


ERROR 500, Problem Running a Script...



I don't have access to change the server config files and my host is un-willing to change these, so should it be possible to over-write this from the .htaccess file alone? If so what am I doing wrong in my code to produce the error?

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