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OsCommerce 3.0A Configuration Difficulties


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Installation of OSC 3.0A (hope I have the latest ?) was easy and went smooth BUT

I am receiveing these errors...


Notice: Undefined index: postcode in /SRF_TEST/oscommerce/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php on line 539


Notice: Undefined index: country_iso_code_2 in /SRF_TEST/oscommerce/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php on line 539


Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: httpclient in /SRF_TEST/oscommerce/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 205



I cannot seem to find where to add my State Sales Tax percentage....

Adding "Images" seems to be a problem... systems seems to be looking for an image "converter" from the host area and also another inagemagick converter from who knows where...hummmm


AND this version seems to be EXTREMELY SLOW compared to the 2.2 version I am running on the same host.


I made an assumption that the new version that everyone was so excited about woudl be in prduction status by the end of year or soon after. I do not want to put in a lot of effort in the product store with 2.2 if the 3.0a version will be stable soon.... My product list, images etc with be a lot of work... and from what I have read this version will be the thing to go with... Have I made a grave error...??


Really will appreciate all responses for assistance..



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I think it'd be far too early for you to get your hands on v3 if you are thinking about using it to replace your v2.2 osc shop. The chances are, as many people on this forum prodict, you will still be using v2.2 for at least the next few years, if not more! :(





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