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The e-commerce.

Shopping cart is not checking quantity


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In these days i was beginning to pay attention to some strange purchases.


If customer puts a product into shopping cart today and later that day i remove product, customer can still purchase the product tomorrow, because session is not checking database on each step of purchase.


It happened today, i forgot to remove (recover cart sales) all shopping baskets of already removed product. Customer has made normal purchase with (already removed) product and paid with credit card .. what a mess. Now i have to refund him. Ok, that is no problem.


My question!


Is there a way, to force session to check out quantity on each step of purchase?


Thank you very much in advance!

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thanx for the answer and for link. I tried that link, and found out, that i have already set OSC as stated. It is not helping, nor did others in that thread.


I was looking at this contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ll/search,order


Would help?

I don't think so, that contrib is meant for checking a maximum quantity which may be sold.

If that is your problem you are talking about something else as the solution of the problem I refered you to. But if it is indeed about setting items inactive after they might have been added to someones cart the solution provided there is correct and working.

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