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Customer Login page problem


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I have been trying to get this up and running for some time now. Had hoped to have it open on the first of the year. Here is my problem.


I am using the shared SSL certificate of LFC hosting. This means that the URL to get secured pages is different than my storefront name. (storefront is accessed through http://det-enterprises.com and secure website is accessed through https://server16.lfchosting.com/BigBossMan/) Everything was working ok, but I was still adding security features as well as trying to get paypal IPN working right. Here is where I goofed. I was working with more than one mod at a time thinking I could keep it all straight, and then the crap hit the fan and now I am stuck. I know better, I should have gotten one mod running right first then moved on but I had a red S on my chest and thought I could do this right.


Now, whenever a customer wants to login to their account, they go to the cookies_usage.php page instead. It does not matter what browser is used nor does it matter what the cookies setting is. I tried IE with the cookies setting at accept all cookies and still ended up there. I have checked the logic and it does not appear that anything has changed within the code, at least that I can tell.


To be honest here, I have been working on this so long and updating all the code with each new mod I add that even my alphabet soup was coming out in proper syntax and format at lunch yesterday. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

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If, in osC admin --> Configuration --> Sessions, you have Force Cookie Use set to 'true' then set it to false. You can't use this feature with shared ssl, only with no ssl or full ssl.



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That did it. So then to have cookies working, I have to get my own SSL cert. Well, that will have to be something I do down the road then.


Thank you so very much Vger. I was starting to go bonkers.

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Sorry to pull this tread up again but i have a similar problem.


If i have a customer that comes to the shop, registers and buys somthing, all is well.. But if that customer comes back to the shop and tries to logg on to his account it fails. All that happens it that the browser goes white and stops. If you have atempted to login and you come to the white screen, you can remove the strage url and go to the shop again and you are logged inn. All looks normal again.

Seems like i have lost or got the forwarding to youraccount page or something wrong after logging inn.


Someone know anything about this?



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