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Added 2.2 today Minor works with minor problems


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Hi everyone, I was hoping someone might be able to help me iron out a few minor details with 2.2. It was a huge leap from 1.4 which I have working well. In 2.2 things have been moved around alot and there are no more help files (for the contributions I added when uploading 1.4 - referring to CCGV-trad and package tracking with email mods). Doing a bunch of hunt and search between the two files (catalog/ext/modules/payment/ipn.php and catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php), I found everything...A hint to those of you out there who want to upgrade and ran into the same thing I did....Most of the email stuff is in the ipn.php file located in ext/modules/....ipn.php directory and the work horse of the contribution is in includes/modules/.....paypal_ipn.php.

Once you figure this out things are pretty smooth with finding anything you need to update.


Now to the problem...I uploaded all and went into test mode. Bought some things, checked out and at some point in the checkout I got an error. It was not liking the ccgv (trad) line in includes/modules/payment paypal_ipn.php

if(tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_unregister('credit_covers');// CCGV
$order_total_modules->clear_posts();// CCGV

so I commented it out temporarily

//if(tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_unregister('credit_covers');// CCGV
//$order_total_modules->clear_posts();// CCGV

and continued on. All went well and at that ominous screen where you are supposed to click the button to go back to catalog/checkout_process.php It did something very strange. I could have sworn in the status window that it went to checkout_process.php for a nano second, but where I ended up was back in the shopping cart (empty after the checkout). HMMMM I thought...that's strange, so I go to admin to see if indeed the order went through and voila. It went through confirmed and all and in "Pending" status as it should, however - and this is really my biggest problems, no emails went out, not to the customer ( i know that because I used my daughters email as the customer and we never got it, and the extra email which also comes to me (at another address) never came)

SOOOOOOOO, I'm guessing the the switch around of where pertinent checkout functions in paypal_ipn.php, have changed where the "package tracking with email mods" contribution stuff and obviously the above line for "CCGV (trad)", should go.

Any fixes to this Terra? I know you've been working like a dog and whether we say it or not, you are greatly appreciated! Do you or anyone else have any thoughts....Of course in the interim, I have backed out of 2.2 and am back to 1.4 which is working for me, but I would like to upgrade.

Thanks for any input anyone can give

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