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My First Order - Paypal.com question


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I just got my first order today! and the status is oscommerce is Paypal Processing. But if I go into paypal.com it stauts completed.


Will the status of the order change in osCommerce soon? Can I send out the order? Can someone please help me

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You are the one to determine if the order status is ready to change.


The order status is set to pending following a check out.


You verify you have the money in hand, then via the Admin you can update the order status to Processing or Complete depending on how you want to use those.


You might use Processing for when you are getting it ready to ship out then Complete when you have sent it out the door.


This way the customer gets an email of you are working on it ... then an email that the order is complete or on its way.


PayPal status complete mearly tells you the money is in your account or not. It has no true effect on the store. Its kind of like a credit card in that until you have batched the job or received confirmation a credit card order is only as good as if it's done, ie the money is in your account.


If the order were Money Order, you might leave it in Pending until you receive the check then set the order to Processing, to indicate to the customer you have the money and are now working on filling the order.


Easy, eh? :shock:

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