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Forgotten password in admin-module!!!


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My old computer crashed and therefore I can't remember my password for the admin module????? What do I do...


The man who I bought the store dont answer my mails...




First, confirm if you have "Secure Admin Login - Logout" installed, go to phpMyAdmin to access your mySQL db (you have access to that, right?) you will see usernames there, but you will not be able to see the passwords because when it was installed, it is a one-way function. So you will need to delete those and run this:



INSERT INTO `administrator` VALUES (1, 'username1', password('your_password1'), NULL, NULL);

INSERT INTO `administrator` VALUES (2, 'username2', password('your_password2'), NULL, NULL);



-- NOTE: Please make changes in the INSERT INTO lines above before loading into PHPMyAdmin

-- Replace username1 and username2 with your usernames. Leave the single quotes around 'username'.

-- Replace your_password1 and your_password2 with your passwords. Leave the single quotes around 'your_password'.

-- Note the use of MySql's password() function. This is a one-way function so

-- you will not be able to "retrieve" the user's password.



Then I would suggest that you install "change admin username and password" that comes with "Secure Admin Login - Logout" here:



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