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how 2 install a previously working store to a new server?


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I had a perfectly working store on a customers site, then the customer allowed his domain name to expire (not too bright), and of course his web site quit working. So I got him a NEW domain name (and hosting). I downloaded all parts of the previously working store, then created a new DB (on the new server), uploaded the original 'store' to it - but got nothing. Then I restored a backup I had made in the past. Now all the items are there (whew), but the page (that the user sees) seems to be some kind of 'default' page even though the items themselves are listed now, and all the images are missing. If viewed from the Admin side all the images ARE there (including the items still), but it still seems to be a 'default' page (saying no items will be sold, and the customer won't be billed, plus other text lines below that) You can see what I mean at http://www.neanderthal-sa.com, then click on the 'E-Store/Buy with PayPal...' menu item. I made this store about 2 years ago, but haven't made another since, so it's not like I do this every day and naturally know what to do. I just need this guy's store back the way it was. This guy is breating down my neck like it was my fault or something (even though retaining his domain name was HIS responsibility since he was the one who got it in the first place - months before I ever met him). All I did was redirect the DNS stuff to the new hosting server for him so the new web site (and store) I made for him would work.

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