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show current carriage in shopping cart


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Hi Folks


Does anyone know the script for showing the calculation of the table rate shipping by weight to display in my shopping cart before a customer goes to purchase?



I sell various product sezes all with different weights and I want toi show the customer the shipping cost calculation given the items purchased at that point.



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there are contributions for estimated shipping costs and shipping calculators. They basically use the installed shipping modules to display possible shipping values. These implementations determine the shipping cost from the shopping cart but you could integrate the code in the product info page. (ie: to calculate the shipping cost for a specific item)

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  • 5 months later...

I've installed Add Weight & Weight Total to Cart Contribution and I managed to get a table showing in the shopping cart that shows the weight/price costs of the stock osc Table Rate Shipping Module. The customer can now see the total weight and check what the shipping costs would be (although I'd prefer just the cost to be displayed to simplify for customer.


However, I've now installed UK Royal Mail & OS Shipping Methods Contribution but I can't get the table to bring up the cost/weight as the code differs in this module compared to the stock Table Rate Shipping Module.


I've had a look at the contributions mentioned here, but they are not really what I'm looking for, and are old with no support thread that I can find.


I really want a way to show the shipping costs in the cart before log-in/ create account.


How can I do this? Does anyone care to share?

There must be a simple way to show the price of shipping in the shopping cart, without having to show the weight and a table???

I'm feeling lucky today......maybe someone will answer my post!

I do try and answer a simple post when I can just to give something back.


PM me? - I'm not for hire

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