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Slaves used as Master Attributes?


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Hi, new to this so please bear with my long explanation.


I'm setting up to sell garments with designs on them. At this point, 3 designs, and 3 types of shirts, where each design will be available on each shirt type. So the shopper will choose the design (which is the product), and the attributes to choose will be ShirtType, Color, and Size. To save myself some headache with attributes, I've installed Attributes_Sets_Plus.


Now, however, I have a new problem, and Master Products *may* be the answer.


Each ShirtType has different colors, which negates the advantage of using Attributes_Sets_Plus since it would force me to make "Design-ShirtType" combinations as my products, rather than just the Design itself. So, I imagine that with Master Products, I would set up my 3 Designs as products, and then set up the 3 ShirtTypes as products, and the ShirtType products would have Attribute Sets assigned to them (Size, of course, and then their respective Color attribute sets). The ShirtTypes and their attributes is where all the pricing info is assigned. Then, I "slave" the ShirtTypes to each of the Designs.


Is that correct?


My concern is that Master Products will make it appear to the shopper that if they buy the Design, then they also get the Shirt! And that's simply not the case. I would need the slave products to still act like Attributes of the master products. The shopper clicks the design, and then selects ShirtType from a pulldown. The ShirtType selection then modifies the color options available in the Color pulldown. (The Size pulldown would remain unaffected.) Can Master Products be set up to do what I describe?






P.S. I've been thinking of my requirements as, say, Options with Sub-Options.... Don't know if there's any contributions specifically for "sub-options" but Master Products is the best lead I've seen so far.

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