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mails sent to customers calculate tax wrongly


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My shop is working fine, but the mails sent to customers are adding on the tax wrongly. The order is recorded correctly as viewed in the admin area, but the email sent to the customer seems to be adding the tax on twice, although it is not consistently wrong, on one order it seemed to have deducted the tax twice so the subtotal was wrong, then added it on twice so the final total was OK.


Has anyone else experienced anything similar before I start diving in to see what is wrong?

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OK I'm replying to my own post because I didn't search properly before I posted! I found that this problem was fixed in CVS on 15/3/02 by Thomas Plankers, so apparently I need to get a newer version of checkout_process - I downloaded todays snapshot, but the version in that looks totally different to mine, and contains functions that I don't have.

Is it possible to get a previous version, mine is dated 10/3/02 so the newly fixed version should be the same. Any help would be appreciated, I'm thinking it should be possible to get it from CVS but I don't know how to use it.

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You should go here:




Here you will find all versions of that file and you can download the version you need. Based on your posting I would say you should try Revision 1.95, which you can download here.



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