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New to Oscommerce couple of questions


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Im new to osCommerce as most poeple with problems are. Got it installed fine and its great software however couple hick ups I have been trying to sort. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated


1) Under Configuration > My store, the Zone value which is automatically set to florida, tried changing this however i cant find where to add a new zone to be able to select it here.


2) Ive set it to show Prices including Tax although this is not working. Display Prices with Tax > True.


3) When i click catalog the following error is shown across the top "Error: Catalog images directory is not writeable: /home/playon/public_html/images/". Permissions have been changed but it still does not work and while playing around i have found that under "Tools" > "File Manager" i can click the images folder and it loads the page but has not entered the images folder. click it again it then shows contents of the folder but the directory is shown as "/home/playon/public_html//images" however on the FTP it is just one folder. All other folder open first click in filemanager


4) under Modules > Payment, I set up Paypal payment as follows



Enable PayPal Module



E-Mail Address



Transaction Currency

Only GBP


Payment Zone

United Kingdom


Set Order Status



Sort order of display.



yet when in checkout only payment option is cash with order.


Any Help greatly appreciated

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thaks downloaded, reading it though it tells me what each section is not how to set them up though.


my main problem is the store zone how and where do i create the zone so i can select it in the drop down box?

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You need to go to your Administration area - Locations / Taxes and then chose your Tax Zone from the side menu. The Tax some will be set to Florida. You can select the Edit and rename that to your state. Or you can insert a new tax zone. Once you complete that section you will then be able to select your Tax Rates fro the site menu and the Zone will be avalible for you.


Your payment options - The zero "0" are most likely all set to zero by default. The purpose of the 0,1,2 ect are to put the lists in order. If you want to keep the cash but want Pay pal to be offered first you would leave PayPal at zero "0" and move the cash to one "1". If you don't want the cash on delivery the select that option and remove it. Once you select the Cash on delivery you willl see the buttons to remove or edit.


I hope this helps?

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Thanks for the help. under tax zones though i have changed the name and it still does not help. please look at following picture:




and the payment i have got rid of cash on delivery but paypal still does not work it gives me authorize.net instead.

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I wish I had an answer for you. I am very new to this as well. I just played around with it to find what I needed. Maybe it is because I am in the united states and you are in the united kindom?


If you haven't set too much up you may want to remove the catalog from your host site and try to re-install?

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Umm, if I remember right, I discovered that after setting the Tax Zone up you need to go and edit the Tax Rate and apply it to the correct zone - i.e. I had the right state set up and for some reason the tax rate still said florida until I went and changed it. Something to that extend ... so you may want to go through and hit edit on your tax zone and rate and make sure they match up. Just my 2.18 cents ... including tax :)

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