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Creating Automatic Shop Feeds


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Hello. I have had my site (www.golf247.co.uk) running for the past year, and the sale have gradually rose. I am now looking at creating automatic feeds for the major price comparison sites, such as froogle, shopzilla, pricerunner, etc.


The problems that i am having is the contributions i have tried so far dont seem to work. The sites dont seem to accept the files that they create.


Does anyone have any contributions that work for these sites? The more simple the better, as i am only a beginner on OsCommerce.


I am also always on the look out for new price comparison sites, anyone got any sugestions? And as always, the free ones are better than any.




Stuart White

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I had to do some very minor tweaking to get my froogle feed to work but it does work very well now.


I also have the bidhopper feed and manually send a feed to the msn live beta (a rework of the feed created for google). I dont send feeds to pay per click sites so I cant say how well those work.


I just send a feed or rss file to anyone who will take it for free... I am happy to have my products listed anywhere, I am just too cheap to pay for it.


I have products listed on thefind and shopwiki and a couple others but they just spider my site for info rather than sending it to them.

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We are the same situation, low price products.

I am thinking how to bring traffic to my site. I have thought about ADwords, but haven't try it.

you can see my site from my profile.

web shop marketer

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