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Image Proportions are wrong


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I'm quite new to osCommerce (but not to web development) and I wanted a way to make images to be the right proportions within certain sizes.


The image option I got seems to set absolutes, they can't seriously expect me to make every image the same size? I mean all of mine fit in a square of about 252x252, but the height varies drastically (like 19 and 253).


Is there anyway to make it say "Make fit in these proportions"? If not, do I need to resize all my images to a certain size so that they're all the same?



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In the admin section for the large image size set only the maximum width or height and leave the other blank



Hi, where is this setting? I can only find small image size settings.

I'm having the same problem where my product images proportions are wrong.

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You are correct. in the stock osc all you have is small image size. (setting only one of the sizes keeps the images from being squashed when the small image is generated) However my popup images seem to always open to the correct size window no matter the image size.

This is the javascript in catalog/product_info.php for the popup:


make sure that it says resizable=yes and the image size you have should not be a problem

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