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Adding general options to products works well with the current option structure, but it would also be nice to be able to add an option section that picked items already in the DB. Also add groups of products to make "KITS" or "pre-built" options.


E.g. PC SuperDuper



Additional Options:


Option CPU (dropdown)(option for multiplier, i.e. to request more than one!)

Intel PIII 1Ghz <-- picked from DB with price for that product.

Intel PIII 1.2 Ghz

Intel PIII 1.3Ghz


Option MEM (dropdown)(option for multiplier, i.e. to request more than one!)


DIM 128Mb

DIMM 256Mb




This would make building KIT's and groups of products (with multiple options) much easier. This would work for many different product markets, and would make the administration less work.


Now I currently have to change the product attributes prices every time my suppliers change their prices.


This would also allow us (all) to make group discounts and specials compromising of more than one product!


Cheers Guys and keep up the good work, I''l be contributing soon, as I'm starting to understand the OsC structure a lot better!



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