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questions about installing image contribution


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i am trying to intall image contribution which can be found at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ch,extra+images


first i try to install Extra Images 1.4 by ***orchid*** at 16th Nov, i follow the instructions in the file install.txt, and i get a question.


do we do all the changing on the original oscommerce installation files?? i mean the oscommerce installation files which is used to set up my website, but my website has been setup already, do i need to remove and reinstall my website from the very beginning?? i ask this because i can not find some files per the instructions on my website via ftp. but i can find the file on the local oscommerce installation pacakge.


for exmaple,



(just before the last ?>)

define('FILENAME_POPUP_EXTRA_IMAGES', 'popup_extra_images.php'); //Added for Extra Images Contribution


the folder /catalog/includes/ can not be found on my website root folder WWW, but i can find it on the local installation files. (oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817\catalog\includes)


if the instruction is made on the local installation pacakge, that is really terrrible because we need to set up the website again??


please help!!

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If you go to your catalog with www.yoursite.com instead of www.yoursite.com/catalog then just drop catalog from the path in directions.

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Dear Bill,


Thank you for your message, however, i am sorry i am not sure i understand what you mean?? do you mean the HTTP folder?


however, the instruciton mentions the FTP folder, NOT HTTP, via FTP to upload/modify the files.


could you please let me more about your method?


thank you

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