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Shipping AND downloads?


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Hi Linda,


I admire your work very much and have installed your downloads contrib.


I have found a bug though and would appreciate your help for the troubleshoot.


These are what transpired during my tests:

At first, when the product for download is newly uploaded, (price is at $1 and weight at 0) the software goes through "free shipping" and is directed to my payment page, which allows download after payment.


At the second attempt, having the previous download transaction expire first, it shows only this shipping option "Payment Method:

This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order." And even if the price is above $0 and with 0 weight, the downloadable product is made available for download without prior payment. I need to create the product again if I were to have it perform correctly. It may be short of saying that it the shipping options, as well as credit card payment options, show up only at the first purchase.


I have the ff enabled: free shipping, zone rates.

My free downloads are working properly, as well as my weighted items with prices. Only when my products are set to 0 weight but with prices above $0 does this occur.


I humbly seek your assistance.


Thank you.


*The others are most welcome to reply if you know the solution

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You do not need a mod or patch.I use paypal and works.Zip file in/catalog/download and set the url in product description.should work

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