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Mac OSX Safari and Firefox problems


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Hi all,


This is my first post as I am very new to the osCommerce community. I am a complete novice although I have managed to install two versions without any problems. I deleted the first version as I have installed a new template.


Only problem is that it does not appear correctly except on the old internet explorer (mac version). The problem on firefox is that the main logo at the top has a small border around it leaving a gap between the logo and the red line underneath, apart from that firefox is fine.


Safari is another issue....


Im no expert in html or computers and I am still learning, everthing loads up except for the text, well it does but not correctly. Now I thought that this was because I did not have the font on my system but I laoded it and the problem still persists, because the text isnt loading properly I think that this is causing the rest of the page to load all out of place, although Im only guessing. Whats wrong with it? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The site is only going to be a part time thing for my partner who will be selling lingerie, havent thought of a domain name yet so stuck it under a spare domain I had (will forward it when choosen, one at the bottom of catalog was only typed in to see if I had changed it)


The site is:




I dont even know if this site looks good on a windows machine but so far it seems not so bad on a mac except for these problems. Once these problems are sorted then I can carry on changing the colours etc.


Any help would be greatfully received.



Many thanks,




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BTW the colors are temporary. As I am new to oscommerce I am still figuring out how to change each color so if you visit the site you may notice some horrid color combinations, this is only till I know what line is what on the stylesheet.ccs file. I have read many threads regarding the style sheet but due to the new template I am using is it very confusing.





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