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HOW TO: Only Display Price depending on Category


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I am building out a new cart which sells massage services and health products. The current arrangement is like this:


Because we need to show the full price for each length of Massage, the massage "product" price is set to $0.00 and then set up attributes based on length of massage. (For example - 25 min = $45, 55 min = $60, 85 min = $90)




This creates a somewhat confusing display, as the category price listing and the product price listing shows $0.00 as the base price. Seems a bit silly so i have though of simply remove from the code (<?php echo $products_price; ?>) from the respective pages.


But, we also have regular products that do have a set price, some with variations some with none. For instance, a Massage Ball = $25. Simple. For these, i want to keep the price shown on both the Product Detail pages and the Category listing pages.


So, is there a module, add-in or otherwise contribution that allows me to Display Price if Category = XX, YY or ZZ? Or something similar?

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