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The e-commerce.

Help needed


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I'm a newby to both OSCOMMERCE and Linux. I've built a server based on Madrake 8.1 and extracted the tar's for both the Admin and Catalog. I'm running a lot of different apps on my Web server so to keep them separate I've installed the OSCommerce files into a subdirectory of my root ie /oscommerce. I have run the SQL into the MySQL server and the tables have been created. Problem is that when I point my browser at the /oscommerce directory I get page unavailable. I guess it has more to do with me not doing somthing rather than a problem with my server (I'm also running Post Nuke and that's working fine).

Does anyone have a step by step idiots guide to "up and running" with OSCOMMERCE?


No flamers please, I really want to get this running



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www.oscdox.com is a good start.

Also in your config you'll need to make the install in your WEBSERVER's document root, otherwise it can't reach it.



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I have several installations on my dev machine. You can have a directory such as /oscommerce. But, you will have to refer to it as http://<server>/oscommerce/default.php until you setup the default directory in the http server. I have several directories under DOCUMENT_ROOT which are symbolic links to my dev areas. (Of course, production is a different matter!) Also, that link mentioned by mattice (www.oscdox.com) is worth it's weight in gold. It took me several wasted days to discover it and it has an installation guide which should come along for the ride with the downloads, I think!

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