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how can i put images in a box?


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here is a php code copied from define main page contribution:


<table width="150" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border=0 align="center">


<td class="main" width=50% valign="top" align="right">


$mainpage_title = "News";

$mainpage_info = "";


$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left',

'text' => $mainpage_title );

new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, true);


$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left',

'text' => $mainpage_info);

new infoBox($info_box_contents);



what i wanna do is put a image and link in the box, how can i do that?




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Where do you want to put the image? Header or main body of the box?


Breaking your example down:


$mainpage_title = "News"; // this will be the header

$mainpage_info = ""; // this will be the body of the box


So if you write


$mainpage_info = '<img rsc="my_image.jpg" border="0">';


it will contain the image ...



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