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Canadian Credit Cards = No Order Generated but charged


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Hello gang,


I've got a problem with accepting Canadian Credit Cards. The problem is the website returns the user an error message 100% of the time but STILL charges them and credits us as if they have made a purchase. The website isn't getting the feedback that the payment was received thus generating an order. So the users are continually trying to enter their credit card information over and over and actually paying for items several times. Its not until we check payments vs orders generated till we notice the issue.


What the pecular thing is that its only with Candadian credit cards, and it only started after thanksgiving weekend. I have been trying to gather as much information as possible from the users who have this problem and the only thing I know for sure is that Canada had a problem on "Black Friday" and no credit card systems were working at all for about 3 hours. I thought it may be a problem only with our credit card processor (PayPal PRO) but it appears that many companies are not able to accept Canadian credit cards. I even asked a customer to use the old PayPal IPN module and manually enter the credit card info directly into PayPal which resulted in the same problem.. error.


I hope I'm not the only one with this problem or if somebody could kindly point me to a thread that deals with this specific issue I'd be very thankful. I ran a search on the forums but come up empty.




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