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Transfer order info from NON-SSL to SSL form ... HOW?


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I am about to install (I hope :? ) a danish creditcard system on my site, but I don't have SSL on my server.

Therefore I have to make a special call through a gateway (called secure tunnel) to a form where customers can enter all card info in SSL. I've changed hpdl's contrib (Ogone payment) to fit my needs. So far so good.


I need to tranfer the order_id and amount to that form, and thats a puzzle:


a) use of SET_COOKIES wont work if a header is allready sent - which there is in checkout_process.php, and browsers set to no cookies will not be able to pay by cc.


B) Transfering data in the call to the form might be the way


, but how do I recieve them in the form beeing called.


c) Ogone payment stores orderinformation in hidden_fields, that again is stored in $process_button_string.

Can I transfer $process_button_string and then retrieve the information in the SSL-form.


d) .......


Any help setting this would really be appriciated, since I'm getting rather stucked in this.

Best Regards


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