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Dodgy tables/html code in OSC


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I've had a few 'old school' customers say they can't see my site in NS 4.7, and after checking they're right, so I ran the site through a HTML verifier and found alot of errors:




I've checked a few sites, even the demo one and get the same sort of errors!?..


Can anyone shed any light on this!?



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I've checked a few sites, even the demo one and get the same sort of errors!?..


I have just run a standard default.php page through the checker and on;y had a 10 errors which would not stop the site from viewing.


From the look of it the errors that your customers are seeing are down to some of the modifications you have made to the HTML itself.


If you go through the errors 1 by one you should be able to fix them all quite easily :)

Mark Evans

osCommerce Monkey & Lead Guitarist for "Sparky + the Monkeys" (Album on sale in all good record shops)



Software is like sex: It's better when it's free. (Linus Torvalds)

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n4.* doesn't deal with php too easily either.


PHP is running on the server - not on the client ;-)


These problems are css/html related. We try to make the html as good as possible. But Netscape 4.x has quite a lot of known bugs in their CSS implementation. We might work around them but again - it is a netscape bug.

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Well, I've now been through the site, and solved the probs with NS 4, and

yes, dodgy table tag, it was part to do with the site being centered, and a bit with the 'define/mainpage' mod.


Only some 'basic' errors now :)





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Web developers really need to stop supporting netscape 4.7 in my opinion. It's dragging back the web. How will a depricated html tag ever get phased out if everyone still uses it because of ns4.7? It's self perpetuating; the more bad browsers we see the more bad code we see and vice versa.


"It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word."

-- Andrew Jackson

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I agree, I got flamed in some newsgroups about my site :( Basically the OS I sell with my machines (Solaris) still ships with Netscape 4.7, and some of these lazy arse customers are in the dark ages and love to moan about summat, so rather than compliment me on the site etc I get flamed about some NS bollox... Out of interest here's some stats on usage:


MS Internet Explorer (Versions) No 83973 77.5 %

Netscape (Versions) No 20206 18.6 % **

Opera No 1971 1.8 %

Unknown ? 1036 0.9 %

Konqueror No 508 0.4 %

Galeon No 419 0.3 %

W3C HTML Validator No 47 0 %

OmniWeb No 40 0 %

Cyberdog No 28 0 %

W3C CSS Validator No 9 0 %

WebTV browser No 1 0 %




Mozilla/2.xx 68 0.3 %

Mozilla/3.xx 13 0 %

Mozilla/4.xx 2076 10.2 %

Mozilla/5.xx 18048 89.3 %


So as you can se NS4.xx aint that popular!.



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osc works quite fine on NS4.7, I have tested it quite thoroughly and while there is the odd small css issue, it isn't anything that people using NS4.7 aren't used to as it is.


One of the osc sites I have done gets quite heavy traffic from NS4.7 users because it is targetted towards university students and academics in general, most of these people are using the machines at their university, and here in Australia it seems as if all of the Universities you go in to are running NS4.7.


All that said, the site gets tremendous numbers of hits from NS4.7 users, and we never receive any complaints and the orders seem to keep coming in...


BTW, who was the "live on the edge" individual using Cyberdog in the statistics quoted in this thread I wonder?

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one of the MAJOR problems between OSC and NS 4.7 and later is that Netscape in their infinite wisdom has done something that screws up the Authorizenet URL referral method of communicating transactions and the user is forced into havint to use the ADC connect method - I know someone has posted a contribution to address this issue but the OSC developers should be aware of this and make the needed changes so that users can use either connect method for Authorizenet.


just my 2 cents.....

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