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Error : Warning: Wrong datatype for second argument in call


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Hello my site has been running fine till today. I'm getting this error since this afternoon, even though I haven't changed anything today ,



Warning: Wrong datatype for second argument in call to in_array in /home/xxx/catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 31


I have looked through the forum and someone wrote they clear the cache and it was solved.. but how do I clear cache? someone please let me know.. My site is going live on 1st oct so just need to make sure ..



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Funny thing. I just got the same problem. Site had been working fine for several weeks now, then all of a sudden I edited a bit of the text on the languages/english/index.php and voila! I get the same thing. Left column screwed up with the: Warning: Wrong datatype for second argument in call to in_array in ... and so forth.


As stated in other threads, the normal column and categories box and other boxes do appear just fine below the error messages. And you don't get the error message on all pages that I can tell other than for sure on the catalog/index(default).php, shopping_cart.php, and new products pages.


I even restored the original pre-editted page back and no good. Worked for several times, then went right back to the error message.


In my search, i see this problem reported numerous times, but don't see any answer to the problem. Anyone have any ideas on what to look for? Here we just launched the store this week and now its screwed up! Bummer! :cry:

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Okay, here's another clue. I quit IE and restarted. Going back to the store everything works fine. But don't get too excited. I had done that before, and pretty soon the problem was back again. I did have multiple windows/sites open, some from the same site/server. Was doing some maintenance work in a cgi-based CM program. Also had this forum open, and earlier a php-based forum from another site.


Don't know if any of that helps narrow down what is going on, but it sure is weird. Restart the browser and it goes away, but eventually comes back. Not being a php expert by a long shot, has me stumped.

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