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The e-commerce.

What do i change again!!


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I am setting up another shop and just need to know a couple of things:


How do i change the currency to £ gbp ??




How do i delete the languages ??





Have no idea about the answer as am new to osCommerce, but do you really use osCommerce to create a live, hosted website that works?

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I am a total idoit when it comes to building websites, and basicly i have been fumbling about in the dark for months trying to get things moving, my hosting company installed it for me and the only way i know is to work with it online "live" i would love to pull it onto my desk top and work on it as a demo site but thats just too much for me, as i think things have to be changed !!!!


But if anyone can advise would greatly appreciate it !!




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You need to download xammp or easyphp or similar. both are free servers with mysql and php. Once installed you can download and install osCommerce from the solutions tab at the top of this page. Make sure you name your database the same as the live one. On the live site do a database backup thru admin.

Now download (copy) everything from your site except the two configure.php files and overwrite your local copy. do a database restore on the local site and it should now be like your site.

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