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Account Number generator


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I will be doing this in the near future (probably when 2.2 is released). I will be writing something that takes an admin max_acct_num & max_acct_subnum and will be able to use the default format (although this could be easily modified)




so with MAX_ACCT_NUM=12 & MIN_ACCT_IDENT_NUM=4 and John Doe being customer, customer_id would be: DOEJOHN00001. The next John Doe would be, DOEJOHN00002. George Bush would be BUSHGEOR0001.


I don't figure this would be too hairy.. a couple of db additions... lookup & compares. I think the only problem you would have with this is that when a customer is deleted you could potentialy use the same customer_id which would not be best. Perhaps I could persuade the osc developers to instead of actually "DELETING" the customer.. setting them "inactive". This has its advantages over actually deleting them (Say they have a previous order...). This is not a problem currently as the auto_increment ensures that you don't have a duplicate customer_id.

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so critical to my operation is the account number feature i an willing to pay for the a private job to write the script for me...


are you willin to assist me....although the number must not be alph_numeric must just be a numeric number..


please assist me ..its needed to allow customer in Jamaica to use a Debit Card to buy on my site

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