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USPS Secure Link Changes?


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I have no doubt that someone has already answered this. But, I can not find it in the forums via searching. The USPS requires URL changes by January 31. I understand that the link change needs to be maded in the usps.php within the shipping module. ie...



case 'production': $usps_server = 'production.shippingapis.com';

$api_dll = 'shippingapi.dll';



However, I do not know how to change the reference to https rather than http since the above code does not contain either. Can someone direct me to the forum where this has already been discussed or provide some insight on where to make the https change? Below is the email from USPS.




From: USPS Internet Customer Care Center [mailto:icustomercare@usps.com]

Subject: Subject: FOURTH NOTICE - Important - Action Required! Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Implemented for Web Tool APIs





October 3, 2006




Dear USPS Web Tools Customer,


Subject: FOURTH NOTICE - Important – Action Required! Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Implemented for Web Tool APIs


This is the fourth notice sent regarding the SSL Implementation for Web Tools APIs. If you wish to continue using the APIs listed below, you must alter your code by January 31, 2007. You will be required to communicate via https://, instead of http://, for a total of 46 USPS Web Tools APIs. This change will also require you to change the Web Tools server called from production.shippingapis.com to secure.shippingapis.com.


After January 31, 2007, the http:// instances of impacted APIs shall no longer be accessible.


Please be advised the list of APIs impacted, as detailed in table below, are currently accessible under SSL and therefore you can begin calling these new instances immediately. Your User ID and the API names are the same.


The USPS has implemented such changes to secure your personally-identifiable information (PII) data transmitted over the Internet. Technical user guides available via: http://www.usps.com/webtools/technical.htm have been updated and denote proper URL prefixes.


Impacted APIs:


API Name

CarrierPickupAvailability Carrier Pickup Availability

CarrierPickupCancel Carrier Pickup Cancel

CarrierPickupChange Carrier Pickup Change

CarrierPickupInquiry Carrier Pickup Inquiry

CarrierPickupSchedule Carrier Pickup Schedule

Courtesy Courtesy Reply Mail Label

CustomsCN22 International Customs Form CN 22

CustomsCN22Certify International Customs Form CN 22 Certification

CustomsCN22V2 International Customs Form CN 22 V2

CustomsCN22V2Certify International Customs Form CN 22 V2 Certification

CustomsCP72V2 International Customs Form CP72 V2

CustomsCP72V2Certify International Customs Form CP72 V2 Certification

CustomsCP72V3 International Customs Form CP72 V3

CustomsCP72V3Certify International Customs Form CP72 V3 Certification/Test

DelivConfirmCertify Delivery Confirmation Certification

DelivConfirmCertifyV3 Delivery Confirmation Certification V3.0

DelivConfirmPICCertify Delivery Confirmation Barcode Only Certification

DelivConfirmPICCertifyV3 Delivery Confirmation PIC Certification V3.0

DeliveryConfirmationPICV2 Delivery Confirmation Barcode Only V2.0

DeliveryConfirmationPICV3 Delivery Confirmation Barcode Only V3.0

DeliveryConfirmationV2 Delivery Confirmation V2.0

DeliveryConfirmationV3 Delivery Confirmation V3.0

EMR_DC_ProductionV2 EMR with Delivery Confirmation V2.0

EMR_DC_ProductionV3 EMR with Delivery Confirmation V3.0

ExpressMailLabel Express Mail Label

ExpressMailLabelCertify Express Mail Label Certification

GlobalExpressMailLabelV2 Global Express Mail V2

GlobalExpressMailLabelV2Certify Global Express Mail V2 Certification

GlobalLabelAirmail Global Label Airmail

GlobalLabelAirmailCertify Global Label Airmail Certification

GlobalLabelExpress Global Label Express

GlobalLabelExpressCertify Global Label Express Certification

GlobalLabelPriority Global Label Priority

GlobalLabelPriorityCertify Global Label Priority Certification

MerchandiseReturnV2 Merchandise Return V2.0

MerchandiseReturnV3 Merchandise Return V3.0

MerchReturnCertify EMR with Delivery Confirmation Certification

MerchReturnCertifyV3 EMR with Delivery Confirmation Certification V3.0

SignatureConfirmation Signature Confirmation

SignatureConfirmationCertify Signature Confirmation Certify

SignatureConfirmationCertifyV3 Signature Confirmation Certify V3.0

SignatureConfirmationPIC Signature Confirmation Barcode Only

SignatureConfirmationPICCertify Signature Confirmation PIC Certify

SignatureConfirmationPICCertifyV3 Signature Confirmation Certify Barcode Only V3.0

SignatureConfirmationPICV3 Signature Confirmation Barcode Only V3.0

SignatureConfirmationV3 Signature Confirmation V3.0



In summary, the implementation of SSL in Web Tools will require you to alter your code for aforementioned APIs to call URL:


- https://secure.shippingapis.com, instead of http://production.shippingapis.com


Please note that the XML schema will not change as a result of this effort.


You are strongly encouraged to alter your software to accommodate these changes as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding as these changes are implemented. If you have any additional concerns or technical inquiries, please contact the USPS Internet Customer Care Center via email at icustomercare@usps.com or phone at 1-800-344-7779.



Thank you,




Patti Mason

Manager, USPS.com

Anthony David


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