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Questions about Discount Contrib.'s and Birthday Reminders


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Hi there.


I'm new to oscommerce and finally have my site working for the most part. It's not exactly everything I want, however, so I'm trying to figure out how to add discounts to it. I was looking through the contributions and found the following two contributions.






Does anyone know which is better? If this information helps, my store doesn't deal with taxes at all. Here are the things I'm looking for in a discount contribute:


* ability to set discounts on individual items

* automatic coupon codes put on invoices

* ability to control/change coupon codes, their start/end dates, amount of the discount, and whether or not the discount applies to particular products or not

(* pop-ups that advertise a promotion might be nice, but aren't a necessity)



BIRTHDAY CLUB: I'm looking to offer special discounts to customers who sign up to be a part of the birthday club. At the very least, I need it to be something that I can insert into a newsletter for people to be able to click on and receive the discount on that (and only that) order which has a limited time frame. Ideally I'd like it to automatically send out a newsletter 2 weeks before the customer's birthday with a promotional code in it that they can click on and that will automatically apply to their order.



MEMBERS: I'd like a contribute that applies a discount to members once they reach a certain level of spending. I'd like it to have 4 different tiers (rescue member, regular member, silver member, gold member). I'd like the member discount to only apply to certain products.




COMMENT: Since I'm new at this, I don't have the first clue as to where to put the contribute files. I DL'ed CCGV5.18 but not only do I not know if it's the best contribute to use for my purposes, I don't know for sure where I'm supposed to put it and what modifications, if any, I'm supposed to make to other files in order to make it work.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm really interested in hearing your input, especially those of you that have tried various contributes and have had good (or bad) experiences with them.


Thank you!

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