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Can't login to Admin - Can you help?


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Ever since I installed the basic design pack with the css and 'center shop' extras, I've run into a few challenges. I posted another challenge I am having with a button contrib within this forum as well, if you really feel helpful today! :)


When I try to log into my admin, I get the following error:


Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/content/L/a/b/Labyrinth8/html/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 19

Unable to connect to database server!


I checked line 19 and the code around it within the file database.php, and it shows the following:



function tep_db_connect($server = DB_SERVER, $username = DB_SERVER_USERNAME, $password = DB_SERVER_PASSWORD, $database = DB_DATABASE, $link = 'db_link') {

global $$link;


if (USE_PCONNECT == 'true') {

$$link = mysql_pconnect($server, $username, $password);

} else {

$$link = mysql_connect($server, $username, $password);



if ($$link) mysql_select_db($database);


return $$link;



function tep_db_close($link = 'db_link') {

global $$link;


return mysql_close($$link);




From there, I went to my mysql.php file, and entered the username, password, database name, and hosting address where it is looking for the 'localhost' file. Still nothing!


What am I missing here? I am currently listed with godaddy, and installed my store via their automated oscommerce module which comes as a free perk when you sign up with them, and which names the DB for you (yes it asks you for user and pass during the process). I am wondering if when I installed the "extras" and the "basic design pack" OVER my osC store folder via FTP, if that demolished my DB login file created on the hosting server side??? How do I fix this, if that is the case? Can I fix this myself? Or do I absolutely have to go to the hosting site and ask for help? I can login from my hosting site side to my database fine (given that I enter my username and password, of course). And, I do get to the store fine (http://tradehornet.com/oscommerce/catalog/index.php).


HELP, if you can.


Thanks in advance!!!!

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